Chelsea Kong – Writer with more than 70 books

Chelsea Kong is a successful author from CANADA

Chelsea Kong is a successful author from CANADA

She is known for her writings. Till now she
has released near to 70 books. Her dedication toward writing will surely make her break
One of
her books which we admire the most is Knowing Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit, My

Let’s Go
though the overview of this book – 
Knowing Holy Spirit 


Holy Spirit is an amazing experience! Get to know the mind of God through the
Holy Spirit. Children will love His presence and enjoy time with Him. Holy
Spirit is our best friend that gives us the wisdom and knowledge that we need.
Gentle as a dove, but sensitive. He loves to sing and to rest on you.
Experience the power of the Holy Spirit as you draw close to Him. Learn the
secrets to a deeper relationship and a strong life of prayer and the
supernatural. Engage with the Holy Spirit to unlock the mysteries of God and be
empowered for the glory of God. Enjoy resting in His presence as you get to
know Him and grow the fruit of the Holy Spirit and activate the gifts inside

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