Random Bible Verses

One day while reading bible verses suddenly I noticed a reading suggestion with “Random bible verses”. This is the first time I felt doing a deep drive in random bible verses.

Random bible verses

Generally we tend to search bible verses with some purpose. Some examples of most popuar bible verse searches are as follow – 

  1. Motivational Bible verses
  2. Inspirational Bible Verses
  3. Bible verses to memorize
  4. Bible verses for happiness
  5. Bible verses for money 
  6. Bible verses for strength
  7. Bible verses for Business people
    and list goes on.

My experience with random bible verses –

Well I must say reading random
bible verses certainly takes you closer to god. As we are reading gods words
without having intention to get or achieve something. This has changed the way how I use to think.

So now you are also aware of benefits
of reading Random bible verses. Here is an link of website which
I always surf
to get a dose of random bible verses.

Random Bible verses

Benefits of reading bible verses are – 

  1. God speaks to us through the Bible
  2. we learn to lean into god
  3. This is way to show your unconditional love towards god
  4. Renew our mind
  5. Takes us one step closer to god
  6. Brings peace and calmness in life