Successful Business Leader – Paul M Grogan

We always recognize people with exceptional talent and commitment towards society. Today we are introducing “Paul M Grogan & Jennifer Grogan”

Both are working side by side to make the world a Better Place. Paul takes care of the business side whereas Jennifer is engaged with the operational and good deeds of the Church.

Paul M Grogan - Inside out - Inner beauty ministry

Paul is dedicated and works 24/7 for the businesses he is running. In an exclusive interview with Paul M Grogan. 

He told us the reason behind the set-up of these businesses. He said he wants to earn a lot of money so that he can help a lot of people. In today’s world lot of things can be managed with money. But at the same time emotional and spiritual wellbeing is a necessity as well – So he is running an inner beauty ministry. 
Let’s have a close look at Businesses managed by Paul and the team to support the activities of the church 

Number 1Inside out Salons 

Inside out salons is equipped with good and soothing infrastructure. Its scenic location is cream on the cake. The people out there have an amazing fashion sense. If you also want to pamper your hairs then do visit. 3537 North Lecanto Highway Beverly Hills, FL 34465 

Citrus country classified is a paid classified directory. The best part Is that any business can update its contact details at just $10. Recently they have also done a partnership with treetop zipline.

Number 3Grogan Manor 

A Place for family and friends. This is a very informative blog with having mentions of different opportunities and information 

Number 4 – My Lunch Basket 

The perfect lunch basket gives you tasty food on the go. This is very impressive. The lunch basket is operating for many years now and people who tasted are very happy.


The Ministries holds meetings, offers sermons, updates you on church news, donates to several charities, hosts weddings, and of course, we enjoy fellowship with like-minded members.