Jesus performed a lot of miracles during his time on earth.
Jesus calming the storms when he was at sea with his disciples is an excellent
example of the many great things he did. This story symbolizes hope even in
stormy or difficult times; making us confident that Jesus is always able to
save us from the storms of life.


This story of Jesus calming the storm was recorded in
multiple books in the New Testament (Mathew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, Luke
8:22-25). Jesus had just finished speaking to a large crowd. He and his
disciples took a boat to take them to the opposite shore. While they traveled,
Jesus fell asleep. Suddenly, a great storm arose and everyone was afraid and in
great panic. Jesus was still sleeping while strong winds blew the boat and the
sea was chaotic. They were all in grave danger. The disciples were quite
surprised to find Jesus sleeping when they faced such a huge threat. They
wondered if he didn’t care that their boat was about to sink. They were filled
with terror as the strong winds continued to blow.

 The disciples woke
Jesus up from sleep asking him if he did not care they were about to drown.
Jesus scolded them by asking “where is
your faith?
” He got up and rebuked the winds, commanding it to be still and
immediately the storm was no more and the sea was calm. The disciples were
surprised at the instant change; they said to each other, “who is this man? Even the winds and seas obey him”. The disciple’s
reaction to the stormy sea was fear and panic. But, even when Jesus woke up to
find the situation they were in, he was not afraid.

It is easy to feel fear when we encounter the storms of life.
But, this story reminds us that with Jesus, every stormy sea can be made calm.
We can also see that Jesus spoke forth what he wanted to see, maintaining a
positive attitude when everyone else was afraid.

 Likewise, we should
speak the right words and pray when we find ourselves in difficult situations.
Don’t be fearful and without hope. Have faith and believe
that everything is possible in the name of Jesus. With Jesus, every stormy
sea/situation will be made calm.